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Prenatal massage is a wonderful way for soon-to-be moms to relax, relieve low back and foot pain, and promote good hormones that will benefit both themselves and their baby. "Me time" is essential for all women, especially when they are pregnant. If you or someone you know is pregnant then don't hesitate to book a session full of pampering, relieving, relaxing, and connecting with your body in a positive way.

Myofasical release is a massage modality that focuses on slow, steady "skin rolling" techniques. These specific techniques are commonly used to loosen restrictions in your connective tissue (fascia) and some superficial muscles. Myofascial release is a mix between relaxing and relieving. It is great for people with overall tightness and stress, or for people who want relief without deep tissue massages. 

Manual lymphatic drainage is comprised of very superficial techniques that improve lymphatic flow. These techniques are performed on the front of the body using light, relaxing strokes focused towards the heart. Lymphatic drainage is great for people with fluid retention, or for people trying to detox and rid their body of toxins that cause sluggishness.